[Chameleon] Pan Map problems

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Dec 2 14:34:58 EST 2004

Jason, please remove any calls to LayerSetSizeInit in your template. 
The code in the sample apps is not very stable when it comes to changing 
stuff, particularly with the tab code and the layout resizing stuff. 
I'm thinking about fixing it up, but I never intended it to be 
particularly reusable/flexible ... it was just to showcase the widgets :s



Jason Grimes wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Thank you for responding.  There are no errors in the Apache error log
> or in the Chameleon error report.  The only error I'm getting is one in
> the JavaScript console:
> Error:  oLayer has no properties.
> Source File: sample.js        Line: 86
> Which I think is because I'm not using all of the widgets that the
> sample.js file supports, so one of them is complaining. 
> One other thing to add with the PanMap widget is that if I drag the
> mouse very slowly, the map image will either snap to the top of the
> browser window or to the left edge, depending on the direction I was
> moving the mouse in. Thanks again for your help.
> Jason
> On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 11:24, Paul Spencer wrote:
>>are you getting any javascript errors that could be used to figure out 
>>what is going wrong?  Also check your web server logs and the source of 
>>the page to see if there are error messages.
>>Jason Grimes wrote:
>>>Well I have tracked the problem to FireFox and Netscape.  It also
>>>appears to affect the Ruler widget as well.  The rubber band line ends
>>>up in the upper left hand corner of the browser window.  I'm using
>>>Chameleon version 1.99 beta 3.  The strange thing is that both of these
>>>widgets work fine in the sample examples with FireFox.  In my new site
>>>the widgets only work with IE.  So there must be something I'm not
>>>setting up, but I can not find any difference between my new code and
>>>the samples.  In fact I copied most of the code from the samples.  Any
>>>ideas?  Thanks,
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