[Chameleon] tiff hang

Jacob Delfos jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
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Does this mean that this functionality can not be used in combination with the CWCJSAPI? I guess not, since no information can be submitted by requesting a normal image file. Better make sure that this functionality is forced to be disabled in javascript mode.....

Just a wild thought on the side..... would it perhaps be feasible to, instead of submitting the whole page, make the form submit to an Iframe, which then comes back with javascript that updates the images in the main page? This way, all images can be imagefiles saved on the server. The iframe could be invisible. I guess it would be kind of major surgury, though.



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just so you don't think I've been ignoring you :) ...

the sense I am getting from this is that it would be a good thing to put 
in a template-selectable mode of operation and it *may* be a good thing 
to make delaydraw false by default.

I haven't had much luck running the profiler that comes with Zend, I 
think xdebug works better but haven't tried it.

I agree with Assefa's assessment, you must use the same name as your 
outputformat in the mapfile AND the chameleon configuration file.

The Query widget highlightresults option uses the drawmap.php url to 
refresh the map image without submitting the page (unless submit is 
explicitly requested).  I would imagine that we could work around this 
by checking to see if drawmap.php is in the src of the map image and if 
it isn't, then just submit the page anyway ...

Assefa, do you want to implement the MapDHTML enhancement? (please :)) 
and I will fix up the query widget after the fact.


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