[Chameleon] BoundingBoxPopup error

Tweedy, Scott sctweedy at NRCan.gc.ca
Mon Dec 20 09:35:39 EST 2004

OK this problems seems to be solved, but in solving it I have to ask if
anyone else has run into the same issue.

I'm running Chameleon 1.99 on a Linux box.  In my chameleon.xml
configuration file I defined the web_server_path variable as the absolute
path to chameleon using the IP address of the computer ie:


When I was testing in Netscape and IE I used the server name in the URL ie:

and the BoundingBoxPopup produced the JavaScript exception errors listed in
the original e-mail and the BoudingBoxPopup widget wouldn't work properly.
When someone tested the application using the IP address of the computer in
the URL ie:

everything worked properly.  It seems that Chameleon is reading the absolute
path from the XML and if it doesn't match exactly (I did some other
variations) then these JavaScript errors occur.  I've since changed the
web_server_path variable to the relative value of "/chameleon/" and things
seem to work correctly.

Has anyone else had this problem with IP address v. server name or alias?


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I'm getting an error when I'm trying to use the BoundingBoxPopup widget.
The widget seems to open fine when In click on its button, but in the the
JavaScript Console I get the following error:

Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property

When I enter coordinates in any of the boxes and click Zoom, nothing happens
and I get this error in the JavaScript Console:

Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property

Any ideas on why this might happen?

Thanks in advance,
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