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Sacha Fournier
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 08:36:36 -0500

Sure it can be done. There's many way to do this. First you can make 
your new widget inherit from Table widget and add a class member of type 
SQLQuery widget and make sure to set all attributes of SQLQuery widget 
based on the UID (Please note that current SQLQuery widget don't support 
DBF yet). Your SQLQuery widget will put the result in a shared resource. 
Make sure your shared resource is set to the same in both SQLQuery 
Widget and you new widget.

An other way, you can create a widget that inherit from the base widget 
and add Table and SQLQuery widget as class member. This way, the user 
don't have any control on the way the table is displayed (hard coded in 
you code).

It's basicly how to do it.

Rene Teniere wrote:
> Hi All,
> Question: When using the SQL and Table widgets, can those be embedded
> within the PHP code of a custom widget? Reason being that I am creating
> a query widget that filters out data from a DBF and publishes the
> resultant data as a table for the user. The above widgets seem to be the
> way to go, however, just wanting to know if this can all be done in one
> shot through my new widget. I.E. enter the UID# and all the results
> should come up in table form automatically.
> Thanks,
> Rene
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