[Chameleon] proper use of widgets / doc question

Paul Spencer
Thu, 12 Feb 2004 13:32:14 -0500
that's right Debbie, the docs are starting to get pretty out of date 
right now ... and we are working to revive them, hopefully something 
useful soon.

If you want the legend template to show a button, you must have a 
TextButton shared resource in your page and provide an image and label. 
  I think you are using an older (older than cvs ;)) version and the 
attributes have changed.  I haven't published a download with the newest 
stuff yet because its not quite ready ... but I'll let you know when it 
is and I'll recommend that every switch since there will be no official 
release as you have it now.

The newest stuff is getting pretty stable now, another week or so should 
give us a beta I think.



Debbie Pagurek wrote:

> Hi all,
> OK, I've finally jumped right in to Chameleon 1.1
> No problems setting up, got the sample running fine, got my own mapfile 
> working fine, added the query widget to the app just fine.
> Now I want to get some layer control, and I also want to see the 
> legend.  I have a legend template working from my mapfile just fine.  So 
> I added the LegendTemplate widget.  The button is not appearing 
> correctly (broken image, no alternative tag for it either) but if I 
> click on it, I am getting the popup showing the legend.  Here is the 
> LegendTemplate tag I put in.  Where can I find the proper widget 
> documentation ;-) is it out there anywhere?
> What is wrong with this tag?
> <td><CWC2 TYPE="LegendTemplate" VISIBLE="TRUE" EMBEDDED="FALSE" 
> TEMPLATE="C:\ms4w\apps\chameleon-1.1alpha-20031031\htdocs\quebecatlas\map\legend.html" 
> POPUPHEIGHT="400" POPUPWIDTH="400"/></td>
> Just need some help getting going with these widgets and figuring out 
> what the parameters for the widgets are.  The docs that are in the html 
> directory on the install are for CWC2, not chameleon, right?.
> Any hints?
> Thanks,
> D. Pagurek

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