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Delfos, Jacob jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
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I managed to convince our network administrator to change the firewall so I
could finally get to the CSV to download the newer files.

Even with the debug off (the iframe not visible), it does seem to change the
layout. The size it appears to take up is equal to the size of the iframe
when debug is on. What is the best place to put the tag in the template?
Normally the location of javascript declarations can be quite relevant.

I did not actually manage to get a lot of functionality out of the widget.
The scale seems to be working, but not the navigation.



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the procedure is the same, but the widget does not work at all except in 
the latest cvs version, and it is still mostly untested and is only 
known to work with some widgets at this time.

The debug="true" parameter will cause an iframe to be visible. 
debug="false" should cause it to be invisible and have no impact on the 



Delfos, Jacob wrote:

> Hi All,
> Can anyone tell me whether the procedure for using the javascript API is 
> still the same? Adding the two CWCJSAPI tags in the template?
> I have done this, but my application seems to hang on navigating 
> straight away. It only loads correctly the first time. Also, inserting 
> the first tag ( <CWC2 TYPE="SharedResource" NAME="CWCJSAPI"/> ) seems to 
> mess up the layout; even in the debug=false mode, the widget takes up a 
> lot of space.
> Can anyone shed some light on what is happening? I'm using 1.99 beta1
> Regards,
> Jacob
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