[Chameleon] From a local demo, to a web server

Gianluigi Nozza
Tue, 9 Mar 2004 20:07:18 +0100
Hi listers
I have a general question to submit to the list. I have set up a working
sample application of mapserver and chameleon 1.1 in my local network, (not
Everything is working and now I'm testing widgets functionalities. I was
even able to add some widget to the sample itself (believe me, for a real
newbie in html, php, mapserver, and chameleon is already a goal), but I'am
still the only one that can see maps.
Since the last goal is to set up a real web map server, to access maps from
the Internet, where I have to go now....
I need a proprietary or dedicated web server isn't it ? or there are other
solutions ?
I don't think that if you simply own some space from an Internet provider
you can set up a web server !!!, probably this is possible for the Itasca
demo, or applications build with Gmfactory, but not a Chameleon application,
Is it true ?

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