[Chameleon] Locate widget

Gianluigi Nozza
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 09:06:18 +0100
I am trying to incorporate locate capabilities in a sample application. The
demo I have set up with the unvaluable help of  Bart van den Eijnden, has a
locate widget, that works fine. I have also seen that the test demo included
in Chameleon 1.0, had the same feature.
Anyway I have discovered, that the widget works in a different manner in
respect to what I was thinking about.
At first, I believed that locate widget, was looking for occurrence of a
"user string" inside the dbf of the data directory (inside the data of the
shape files); checking this assumption I found that locate widget interface
with an external web service and not locally. Infact it does not work if you
are not connected in Internet.
This capabilitity is really beyond my needs, which are indeed much more
I would like to implement  locate capabilities in my applications, on the
local sides, i.e. ask the user for a feature to find, and then locate that
feature inside the dbf in the data directory, than zoom out to the extent of
the retrived (and user selected) feature.
Do I have a widget working in a similar way, there are examples implementing
such functionalities ?

Thanks a lot

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