[Chameleon] Locate widget

Paul Spencer
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 08:17:40 -0500

there is currently no widget that does this.  The Locate widget 
specifically uses web services that provide a lookup API (and the 
services that it currently implements are all for Canadian stuff).

I do not believe that there are any plans to implement a widget of this 
kind, although it would probably not be too difficult and it would be 
kind of cool.



Gianluigi Nozza wrote:

> Hi
> I am trying to incorporate locate capabilities in a sample application. The
> demo I have set up with the unvaluable help of  Bart van den Eijnden, has a
> locate widget, that works fine. I have also seen that the test demo included
> in Chameleon 1.0, had the same feature.
> Anyway I have discovered, that the widget works in a different manner in
> respect to what I was thinking about.
> At first, I believed that locate widget, was looking for occurrence of a
> "user string" inside the dbf of the data directory (inside the data of the
> shape files); checking this assumption I found that locate widget interface
> with an external web service and not locally. Infact it does not work if you
> are not connected in Internet.
> This capabilitity is really beyond my needs, which are indeed much more
> simpler.
> I would like to implement  locate capabilities in my applications, on the
> local sides, i.e. ask the user for a feature to find, and then locate that
> feature inside the dbf in the data directory, than zoom out to the extent of
> the retrived (and user selected) feature.
> Do I have a widget working in a similar way, there are examples implementing
> such functionalities ?
> Thanks a lot
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