[Chameleon] Query by rectangle

Gianluigi Nozza
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 13:09:29 +0100
Hi all
Excuse the question storm I'am creating, I have other posts waiting for
answers (I hope), I would like to incorporate a query by rectangle
capability in a chameleon application, something already available for rosa
users in the maplab environment. I didn't find any widget in chameleon
supposing to do the task, I have the same problem with locating geometric
features (the other question I have posted) by means of a user specified
"string" i.e. (locate and zoom to the extent of the following feature:
parcel n. 1234.
I have seen that Mapserver function has probably function to do both the
task, but I am not a programmer, so I am looking for "ready widgets" in
chameleon, but it seems that this capabilities where neglected by the Dm
Solution developer theme, Is it correct ?
As you can understand, I am involved much more on the side of the user,
rather then the developer, since I am a Gis analyst. That's the reason I'am
trying to find in chameleon these basic GIS capabilities.

Any help, widget, or code example greatly appreciated.

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