[Chameleon] 2 Questions...

Fortin,Nicolas [SteFoy]
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 08:57:49 -0500
Hi list,

I had 2 issues with Chameleon yesterday and I wonder if it's normal, bugs or another problem of mine.

1- Using Chameleon Layer manager, I added a GROUP layer from a Mapserver WMS successfully.  When I turned it on, it doesn't appear on the map.  From a simple mapserver app, the group works well.
If I added all the layers ot the GROUP separately, they all show up. Why?

2- Using Lager manager, I added a layer from a Mapguide Liteview WMS that had a %5c ( a url backslash...) and I can't make it appear at all on the map.  If I turn it on then refresh, it doesn't turn on at all.  If I click on the layer the get info from it, I have an error.  In the error message, the name of the layer is incorrect ... without %5c neither \. Why? Instead of turning only a layer on, if I choose the "mapguide service" on instead (kinda of group), all the layers appear normally.  The problem is that I only need one of these layers and not all of them.


Nicolas Fortin 
Mathématicien, Programmeur, Analyste de données 
SMC-Québec Hydrologie, Environnement Canada 
1141, Rte de l'Église, Sainte-Foy(QC) G1V 4H5 
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