[Chameleon] WMS layers - chameleon 1.1

Jason Fournier
Fri, 26 Mar 2004 10:49:25 -0500

It is possible to use WMS/WFS in Chameleon 1.1.  You can add data to the 
map either through your MapFile or through the LayerManager widget.  
That being said, you can use either the XMLThemeLegend -or- the 
HTMLLegend as your basis for hiding/showing WMS and/or local data 
layers.  Here is an example of an HTMLLegend template for showing a 
combination of both local and WMS data:

[leg_layer_html order=ascending opt_flag=14]
  <td valign="top" bgcolor="#006699"><input type="checkbox" 
name="legendlayername[]" value="[leg_layer_name]" [if name=layer_status 
oper=eq value=1]CHECKED[/if]>
  <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><p class="LegendItem">[if name=wms_name 
oper=isnull][leg_layer_name][/if][if name=wms_name oper=isset][metadata 

Note that the XMLThemeLegend assumes a structured layer list.  For more 
information on HTMLLegends take a look at


Schnider Markus wrote:

>Hi all,
>Is it possible to add WMS with chameleon 1.1?
>Is it at the moment only possible to add a layer with the mapfile 
>If yes, how can I show the layer after a 'disable and enable' of the layer?
>All WMS layers are 'lost' in the viewer, only the xml-theme-legend shows the 
>entries of the WMS layers.
>Kind regards
>Markus Schnider
>Sourcepole AG
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