[Chameleon] makeButton question

Bart van den Eijnden bartvde at xs4all.nl
Tue May 4 15:21:10 EDT 2004

Hi Paul,

okay this explains things.

I was set in the wrong direction by the BoundingBoxPopup widget which I 
used as an example.

I was editing in a file named CatalogSearchPopup, so I used 
CatalogSearchPopup as the value for the 3rd parameter. But the actual 
widget name is CatalogSearch ofcourse.

So but if you supply an invalid argument for the third parameter, you will 
get a button like this (which creates an invisble button):

<img name="da82ef3bd1546d5fa61ce6d63011082c" 
id="da82ef3bd1546d5fa61ce6d63011082c" src=null width="" height="" 
ALT="Locate Place" TITLE="Locate Place" BORDER="0">

Perhaps a warning should be generated for the widget developer in this 
specific case?

Best regards,

On Tue, 04 May 2004 10:23:12 -0400, Paul Spencer <pagameba at magma.ca> wrote:

> Bart,
> the third parameter is the name of the widget that launched the popup.
> The purpose is to allow the button to find the correct style resource in
> the session.  The style resources are all loaded into the session and
> each widget creates an entry WIDGETNAMEPOPUPSTYLERESOURCE which is
> assigned the value of the style resource name to lookup in the session.
> I've attached the doc I wrote up when making these changes, hopefully it
> is useful,
> Paul
> bartvde at xs4all.nl wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I am trying to upgrade my old 1.1 widgets to the new button stuff.
>> One thing I don't understand is the meaning of the 3th parameter in the
>> makeButton function (the parameter is called className).
>> makeButton( 'CloseWindow', '', 'ExtractWFSData', 
>> "images/icon_cancel.png",
>> If I use the name of my widget as the value for the third argument, I do
>> not get buttons. First I thought it would refer to a css class, but this
>> is not the case as far as I could see.
>> How should I interpret this parameter and do I need some tweaks 
>> somewhere?
>> Best regards,
>> Bart
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