[Chameleon] V1.1 and V1.99 No input file specified

Schnider Markus msr at sourcepole.ch
Mon May 10 04:39:29 EDT 2004

Hi all

I would try the cvs version of chameleon, but I had no success.
The target system is linux.
I've downloaded the cvs version, executed 'make' and installed in 
changed the config file like the 1.1 version.

Version 1.1 works with the demo application (with map file).
If I try to run my demo application with version 1.99 the following error 
occures (a lot of this error messages:
 Notice: Undefined property: _attributes 
in /usr/local/cwc2/cwc2-1.99b1/htdocs/widgets/Widget.php on line 457
 Warning: array_change_key_case(): The argument should be an array 
in /usr/local/cwc2/cwc2-dev/htdocs/widgets/Widget.php on line 457
How can I correct this?

If I try the gmap_context demo
http: // ... /cwc2-dev/cwc2.php?TEMPLATE=demo.html&CONTEXT=gmap_context.xml
Both versions return the same page:
No input file specified.

How does it work?
What can I change to view a correct result?


Markus Schnider

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