[Chameleon] waitimage and button width

bartvde at xs4all.nl bartvde at xs4all.nl
Mon May 10 06:34:54 EDT 2004

Hi Paul (cc list),

-- 1 --
I found one difference between Chameleon 1.1 and 1.99 with regard to the

This is what I used to use:
<waitimage language="nl-NL" waitimage="/chameleon_images/spinner_nl.gif"
waitimagewidth="246" waitimageheight="50"/>

chameleon_images was an alias to chameleon/htdocs/images

Now I have to use:
<waitimage language="nl-NL" waitimage="images/spinner_nl.gif"
waitimagewidth="246" waitimageheight="50"/>

Probably the same kind of change as with the popup.css ...

-- 2 --
I have one issue with the button width, but this is not specific for
version 1.99 of Chameleon.

When internationalizing a Chameleon application, some texts on the buttons
become significantly larger than in the English version, which means I
have to change the source code to provide a different width in the
MakeButton function.

It would be great if something automagically could be arranged in which
buttons would estimate their width needed. But I know this will be
difficult if not impossible to implement because of font differences etc.
and it could mess up HTML layouts etc.

But maybe something else could be invented so that this would not involve
changing source code. This makes things difficult to maintain.

Any thoughts?

Best regards,

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