[Chameleon] waitimage and button width

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Mon May 10 07:51:37 EDT 2004


bartvde at xs4all.nl wrote:

> Hi Paul (cc list),
> -- 1 --
> I found one difference between Chameleon 1.1 and 1.99 with regard to the
> WaitImage.
> This is what I used to use:
> <waitimage language="nl-NL" waitimage="/chameleon_images/spinner_nl.gif"
> waitimagewidth="246" waitimageheight="50"/>
> chameleon_images was an alias to chameleon/htdocs/images
> Now I have to use:
> <waitimage language="nl-NL" waitimage="images/spinner_nl.gif"
> waitimagewidth="246" waitimageheight="50"/>
> Probably the same kind of change as with the popup.css ...

yes this is probably the same problem.

> -- 2 --
> I have one issue with the button width, but this is not specific for
> version 1.99 of Chameleon.
> When internationalizing a Chameleon application, some texts on the buttons
> become significantly larger than in the English version, which means I
> have to change the source code to provide a different width in the
> MakeButton function.
> It would be great if something automagically could be arranged in which
> buttons would estimate their width needed. But I know this will be
> difficult if not impossible to implement because of font differences etc.
> and it could mess up HTML layouts etc.
> But maybe something else could be invented so that this would not involve
> changing source code. This makes things difficult to maintain.
> Any thoughts?

we talked about this already, we were thinking of having a mechanism for 
wildcarding the widget (and posssibly height) to allow the button to 
stretch.  The current thoughts are:

width="*" - button is drawn just wide enough to accomodate the icon and 
text and padding

width="100*" - the button is drawn at least 100 px wide but will be 
stretched to allow for longer text if required

width="100" - the button is exactly 100 px regardless of text

Same logic could probably be used for height

I haven't investigated this yet.



> Best regards,
> Bart
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