[Chameleon] V1.1 and V1.99 No input file specified

Schnider Markus msr at sourcepole.ch
Mon May 10 08:17:37 EDT 2004

I've changed the common directory with the src/* files of php_utils.

Less errors! Yeah :) !

Last but not least:

Is it possible to run the version 1.99 with mapserver/mapscript 4.0.1 ?
There are some problems with the CWC tags:
simple demo: CWC tags errors: no widget found, no icons found
multistate demo: CWC tags found?!, no icons found
multistate with buttonizer: CWC tags found?!, all icons found, but no map 

enhanced and bilingual demo (only for these demos version 4.2 of mapserver 
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ms_newsymbolobj() 
in /usr/local/cwc2/cwc2-1.99b1/htdocs/widgets/TrueNorth/TrueNorth.widget.php 
on line 213

xml theme demo: CWC tags in Map errors, icons found (like simple demo)

ogc, roi, other demo:
Warning: [MapServer Error]: loadWeb(): Parsing error near (QUERYFORMAT):(line 
97) in /usr/local/cwc2/cwc2-1.99b1/htdocs/common/wrapper/map_session.php on 
line 215
 Warning: Failed to open map file /var/www/cwc2-app/samples/map/world_wms.map 
in /usr/local/cwc2/cwc2-1.99b1/htdocs/common/wrapper/map_session.php on line 
 ERROR: Invalid map file file (/var/www/cwc2-app/samples/map/world_wms.map). 
 Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object 
in /usr/local/cwc2/cwc2-1.99b1/htdocs/widgets/KeyMapDHTML2/KeyMapDHTML2.widget.php 
on line 100


On Monday 10 May 2004 13:54, Paul Spencer wrote:
> Markus and Bart,
> the common directory from 1.1 may work with 1.99 but I suspect that
> there have been several changes since that release that would be
> required and this issue might have been one of them.
> Best to get the cvs version if you can.
> The beta of 1.99 will have a recommended set of alias/directory values
> for apache and there will be an ms4w version preconfigured that will
> provide appropriate aliases as well.
> Cheers,
> Paul

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