[Chameleon] Legend template using group rather than layer

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Thu May 20 10:39:17 EDT 2004

Paul Spencer wrote:
> "HTML block to use for layer group headers if layers should be grouped 
> in the legend. If not set then layers are not grouped in the legend.
> When the [leg_group_html] tag is used, then layers that don't belong to 
> any group (i.e. LAYER GROUP not set in the mapfile) and their classes 
> will not show up at all in the legend. The group list is decided by the 
> order_metadata parameter, which is explained later."
> What I think is most confusing here is that layers that have no group 
> will not show up in the legend if the leg_group_html is used, regardless 
> of whether you use a leg_layer_html or not.

If you think of a grouped legend as a hierarchy of objects then it all 
makes sense:  A grouped legend contains [1..n] groups which contain 
[1..n] layers which in turn contain [1..n] classes.

If you decide that your legend is going to use groups then it is not 
possible to display layers that don't have a group setting because they 
are orphan and are not attached to anything in the hierarchy described 

We could have decided to create a default (null) group I guess... I'm 
not sure why we didn't, but anyway if you are going to use groups in 
your legend then it just makes sense to use them everywhere or not at all.

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