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sorry for the delay.  The update map widget uses the form variable 
UPDATE_MAP=1 to indicate that it was used to submit the page.

You could test this using (assuming the latest cvs version of chameleon)

$oApp = GetChameleonApplication();
if ($oApp->isVarSet("UPDATE_MAP") && $oApp->getVar("UPDATE_MAP") == 1)
     //they clicked the update map widget
     //some other tests?

All the navigation tools use a form variable NAV_CMD, you can test to 
see if it is not equal to "" if you want to see if a navigation command 



Paul Dymecki wrote:

> Hi,
> I've posted a few messages asking how communication might work between
> widgets but have'nt had any luck with responses.
> I'm trying to pass a variable from the update map widget to a widget i've
> created.  My widget just needs to check if the form has been submitted from
> the update map button or by one of the navigation buttons(egs.. zoom..).
> Any ideas would be much appreciated..
> thx,
> Paul D
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>>Hi Paul (cc list),
>>the preview option from the WMSBrowser widget uses &styles=default in the
>>URL which does not work with the latest Mapserver (> 4.1) and which is not
>>according to the OGC spec.
>>Could this be changed in CVS (file is mapbrowser_template_en.html)?
>>WMS 1.1.1 spec:
>>If all layers are to be shown using the default style, either the form
>>"STYLES=" or "STYLES=,,," is valid.
>>Best regards,
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