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Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Wed May 26 08:29:48 EDT 2004

Thanks Bart,

the help system and widget documentation are next on the block for 
fixing up.  The documentation guys have been revising the format of the 
xml file so it will likely be completely broken for a few weeks until we 
get that all sorted out.

The HTML files will be deprecated shortly, and removed from CVS, to be 
replaced by a much more flexible (and multi-lingual capable ;)) XML 
file. Details to follow.  In the mean time, the help widget should not 
be considered reliable at all ... I will make the fix you suggest 
though, thanks,



bartvde at xs4all.nl wrote:

> Hi list,
> still in the process of upgrading my applications, I am trying to get my
> application help system back on track.
> In the past I used a Chameleon application for this with an empty MAP file
> which had only a few HelpWidgets in it, e.g.:
> <CWC2 TYPE="HelpWidget" WIDGET="ZoomIn"/>
> I tried to use this in the 1.99 version, but there were a few problems
> with regard to the helpfile locations (the widget name was not used as a
> subdirectory), but now I am getting back the Widget developer
> documentation instead of the description which I used to get.
> There are also XML files as well as HTML files in CVS, should the HTML
> files be considered deprecated?
> How should I work with this in the 1.99 version? Is it still intended for
> end user documentation?
> BTW:
> I had to replace the following occurences of:
> if (file_exists(str_replace("\\","/",
> $szDir."/".$this->maParams["WIDGET"].".help.xml")))
> by:
> if (file_exists(str_replace("\\","/",
> $szDir."/".$this->maParams["WIDGET"]."/".$this->maParams["WIDGET"].".help.xml")))
> Best regards,
> Bart
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