[Chameleon] Trouble with zooming

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Nov 8 22:27:51 EST 2004


I just tried this.  I do note that the legend template is failing to 
load for some reason, this normally indicates an incorrect path ;)

Zooming appears to work for me, although I am on dial up and the map 
seems to be erratic ... the scale bar is updating correctly, as are the 
latitude and longitude.  Can you tell me what browser you are using? 
Note that Chameleon only really works reliably in IE and netscape 6+ 
right now (although I have reports of Safari working reasonably well, 
and Opera also seems to work except for the wait image not going away).

To help debugging, you can change your form to method="GET" and then you 
can see the URL that is being requested when the page submits, this 
might help me also ...



Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> Hi again,
> I've got a basic app started, but can't seem to be able to zoom in.  The 
> initial map shows but if I zoom in I don't get anything.  I'm wondering what 
> I've done wrong.
> My mega long URL is:
> http://spatialguru.com/cwc2/cwc2.php?service=VCG&request=GetApplication&version=0.1.0&LANGUAGES=en-CA&TEMPLATES=map_template.html&CONTEXTS=world_context.xml
> Any ideas?
> Tyler
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