[Chameleon] current, actual legend

Schnider Markus msr at sourcepole.ch
Tue Nov 9 05:14:44 EST 2004

Hi List

How is it possible to have a actual legend and not to change a widget?
I would only show the layers, there are also visible in the map.

My current solution is not very good for an update:
I have changed LegendTemplate.widget.php:
In the function ParseUrl (line 346) I have made following changes:
/* if (!isset($this->maParams["EMBEDDED"]) ||
                (isset($this->maParams["EMBEDDED"]) &&
                 strcasecmp(trim($this->maParams["EMBEDDED"]), "TRUE") == 0)) 
if (false)

Now I receive always an actual legend, and the layers rest in the map.
I am using a template like
[leg_layer_html order=ascending opt_flag=0]

If someone have a solution to solve this problem I will take it, else I have 
to send a wish to the developers.


Markus Schnider
Sourcepole AG

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