[Chameleon] Locate widget bindings

Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] Tom.Kralidis at ec.gc.ca
Wed Nov 10 09:48:24 EST 2004


First off, I'd like to say kudos to Paul and co. for release of beta3 --

w.r.t. the Locate widget, there are currently 4 services it connects to:

- CGDI Gazetteer Service (Canada)
- CGDI Postal Code Lookup Service (Canada)
- EC Watershed Lookup Service (Canada)
- NTS Lookup Service (Canada)

I have been testing using other lookup services in this widget, with
success.  What I would like to do is add:

- modify Canadian placename lookup to use the authoritative source
(Canadian Geographical Names Service WFS)
- World Placename Service (WFS)
- Zip Code Lookup Service (US GML)

I'd be willing to roll out the code for these, however I'm not very
familiar with how they interact with the rest of this subsystem (input
interface, buttons, etc.), nor do I have the time to get into this.

So if someone is willing to work with me to add this functionality to
the core package, I'm game.  We should also think about this as a
framework for someone to add their own 'geocoding' service with little



Tom Kralidis
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