[Chameleon] beta3 deployment question

Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] Tom.Kralidis at ec.gc.ca
Wed Nov 10 18:02:45 EST 2004


We've installed beta3 on an FC2 box.  I went through
docs/html/cham199install.txt and have followed the instructions properly
(I think :)).

When I try to run http://host/samples/, I get the samples page; however
clicking any of the apps returns:

FATAL Error: Chameleon was unable to determine the path to the
application on the server. To fix this, this application must explicitly
set the application path before including chameleon.php. The suggested
method of doing this is:

$GLOBALS['gszAppPath'] = '/full/path/to/application/htdocs/';

FYI, I also configured config/cwc2.xml, in addition to chameleon.xml.

Any suggestions?


Tom Kralidis
Systems Scientist
Environment Canada
Tel: +01-905-336-4409

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