[Chameleon] beta3 deployment question

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Nov 10 20:42:10 EST 2004


if your application does not set $GLOBALS['gszAppPath'] then chameleon 
tries to figure it out by looking in the $_SERVER array for 
PATH_TRANSLATED or ORIG_PATH_TRANSLATED, one of which is set by Apache 
(which one depends on Apache version).  If neither is set then Chameleon 
can't figure out where your application is on the local system and stops 
because there are several key components that require this information.

The error message encourages you to modify your application :)

However, if you want to help me troubleshoot this, you can uncomment 
line 217 of chameleon.php and try to figure out what is in the $_SERVER 
array that could be used to locate the sample_basic.phtml file on your 

Output from phpinfo might also help.



Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] wrote:
> Hi,
> We've installed beta3 on an FC2 box.  I went through
> docs/html/cham199install.txt and have followed the instructions properly
> (I think :)).
> When I try to run http://host/samples/, I get the samples page; however
> clicking any of the apps returns:
> FATAL Error: Chameleon was unable to determine the path to the
> application on the server. To fix this, this application must explicitly
> set the application path before including chameleon.php. The suggested
> method of doing this is:
> $GLOBALS['gszAppPath'] = '/full/path/to/application/htdocs/';
> FYI, I also configured config/cwc2.xml, in addition to chameleon.xml.
> Any suggestions?
> ..Tom
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