[Chameleon] newbie question...

Massimiliano Cannata massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch
Fri Nov 12 05:17:30 EST 2004

Hello list, i'm new to this group and in approaching chameleon....

I already build a simple application looking at the great samples !!!!

As the next step I need to develoop new functions as drow graphics based 
on a query end so on.....
So I looked at the widget folder to see how to develoop a new widget.
I can see a php files with the definition of class and functions, but 
(consider that I woorked a lot with grass and usually I program in C) 
where is defined the HTML that define using the argument the sequence of 
action to do? (the main?) (Probably a stupid question?!?! but please 
help me entering in this new world!

Thanks, Max


Ing. Massimiliano Cannata

SUPSI - Istituto Scienze della Terra
C.P. 72 - CH-6952 Canobbio (Ticino, Switzerland)
Tel +41 (0)91 935 12 25 - Fax +41 (0)91 935 12 09
mailto:massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch

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