[Chameleon] Default Map Size

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Nov 12 11:02:39 EST 2004

there are two parts to this:

1. in MapDHTMLWidget tag, you can set the size but it will be overridden 
by the size defined in the MAP file unless you set ALLOWRESIZE="false"

2. the default MAP size is defined in the MAP file (WIDTH and HEIGHT 

Note that it should work to override the map size in the MapDHTMLWidget 
tag but there have been some bugs reported that relate to a difference 
in the sizes from the map file and the widget when allowresize="false" 
... I think they were solved but in general, I would recommend setting 
them to the same value anyway.

Robin Brown wrote:
> Hello everyone
> Just wondering if anyone knows how to change the default mapsize in the chameleon
> bilingual sample?  I have changed the size in the .html file for the english version
> but this had no effect on the size of the map.  Is there somewhere else I should be
> doing this?  
> Thanks
> Robin



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