[Chameleon] Query postgis layer

Eric Bridger eric at gomoos.org
Sat Nov 13 10:44:59 EST 2004

No. I missed the bit about querying shape files in Mark's post.
My response was purely empirical.

I have a postgis layer displaying in Chameleon and returning query results. When I commented out the TOLERANCE sections in my map file the results displayed but the querying stopped working. Hence my suggestion.


At 07:51 PM 11/12/2004 -0800, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
>Eric, are you suggesting that the shape files are queried with an internal 
>tolerance whereas PostGIS features are not?
>Curiously yours,
>> > I can see the points but when I try to query them I get 'The layers did
>> > not return any results'. I can still query the shp files without a
>> > probelm. Any idea what's up?
>> Mark,
>> Try adding:
>> to your POSTGIS layer.
>> Eric

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