[Chameleon] Does chameleon have a WMS CLIENT?

Roland G. roland at gisplan.com.br
Tue Nov 23 11:46:44 EST 2004

Paul Spencer wrote:
> I am curious about your level of knowledge of WMS ... I assumed since 
> you were so adamant about needing to use WMS that you would be familiar 
> with the basic concepts.  Are you really sure that you must use WMS? Are 
> you aware of the pro's and con's?  Seems to me that you may need to do 
> some more reading before choosing a client library for your application.

Thanks for asking. Well it's true that I'm new in this field, I was 
recently hired by a GIS company and my first task here is to find and 
compare the available free software WMS-clients for one of our 
customers. The customer demanded a WMS-client, but maybe an approach 
like Chameleon would be better, since you have to set up a server to 
serve the client from anyway. I'm really not that much aware of the 
pro's and con's and I'm trying to learn on the way. I think of the 
clients that I have analyzed so far, Chameleon is unique in it's approach.

Besides Chameleon these are the other options I'm considering so far:

MapBuilder(warning, may crash your browser, use with caution! Don't zoom 
more than twice):





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