[Chameleon] Does chameleon have a WMS CLIENT?

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Nov 23 13:57:11 EST 2004

tough job :)  This is really a complicated issue.  Chameleon is not 
(yet) for the faint of heart, but it is very flexible (probably too 
flexible ... makes it confusing).

Chameleon is a WMS client, in fact that was what it was originally 
developed to be.

You will need some sort of server for any approach you take (unless you 
are looking for desktop software, not web-based).  Chameleon does not 
differ from any other software in that respect.  Chameleon does have 
certain pre-requisites, but I think that you will find it similar to 
most of the other packages.

I would encourage you to get a solid list of requirements from your 
customer, particularly the type of functionality they are expecting and 
the overall performance of the application.  Only then can you make an 
intelligent choice, I think.


Roland G. wrote:
> Paul Spencer wrote:
>> I am curious about your level of knowledge of WMS ... I assumed since 
>> you were so adamant about needing to use WMS that you would be 
>> familiar with the basic concepts.  Are you really sure that you must 
>> use WMS? Are you aware of the pro's and con's?  Seems to me that you 
>> may need to do some more reading before choosing a client library for 
>> your application.
> Thanks for asking. Well it's true that I'm new in this field, I was 
> recently hired by a GIS company and my first task here is to find and 
> compare the available free software WMS-clients for one of our 
> customers. The customer demanded a WMS-client, but maybe an approach 
> like Chameleon would be better, since you have to set up a server to 
> serve the client from anyway. I'm really not that much aware of the 
> pro's and con's and I'm trying to learn on the way. I think of the 
> clients that I have analyzed so far, Chameleon is unique in it's approach.
> Besides Chameleon these are the other options I'm considering so far:
> MapBuilder(warning, may crash your browser, use with caution! Don't zoom 
> more than twice):
> http://quicklook.ccrs.nrcan.gc.ca/mapbuilder/demo/complete.html
> Mapbender: 
> http://wms.ccgis.de/mapbender2/frames/login.php?name=ccgis_de&password=ccgis_de&mb_user_myGui=CCGIS 
> OpenIGF:
> http://igf.gis.unbc.ca/igf/igfMain.php?site=igftest
> MapSurfer:
> http://cortez.gps.caltech.edu/mapsurfer/mapsurfer/index.html
> Roland

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