[Chameleon] metadata url

Robin Brown rbrown at unb.ca
Wed Oct 6 12:53:39 EDT 2004

hi all,

I dont' know if this is more a mapserver or chameleon question but here goes:

does anyone know what variable has to be in the map file for the metadata url variable
to be filled in the popup?  For example, in the bilingual sample with Chameleon, by
clicking on a layer name, a window opens with layer name, title, data url, metadata url
etc.  I know that by setting WMS_title 'layer title' in the metadata, this field will
be filled in the popup window.  I am interested in filling the other values but the
variable names are not obvious.  I tried WMS_Metadata_url and WMS_MetadataURL and
WMS_URL but none of these had any results.  Any ideas?  


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