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You might want to try using a "hidden" i-frame to do your processing.  You
could then open your dataset as a shapefile object and loop through and
match the attributes.   Once the attributes match, you will know the extent.
Using a separate i-frame gives you all the benefits of submitting a page
(i.e. PHP code processing) without submitting your application page.









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Hi all,


I'm trying to create the functionality of searching a layer for an attribute
value, and then zooming to the object (I know there have been many posts
about this... sorry... I couldn't actually find a solution).


I got the searching part figured out; I put an iframe in my template, which
holds a page that allows for selecting a layer to search, and then searches
for the searchstring in all the attributes of that layer. I'm actually
running this independently of the rest of the site (the page does not get
submitted for a search, only the iframe is). I store the extent in the
attributes, and use javascript to make the mapimage zoom to the extent of
the objects(s) it has found. My problem is how to get the real spatial
extent of the object. I'm using a basic php script that finds out the name
of the dataset, opens its dbf, and searches the attributes. I suppose this
is not ideal, since it does not interface with chameleon. It's kind of


What is the easiest way to get an object's extent, if I know its sequential
position in the dataset? I would prefer not to have to submit the whole


Any tips will be much appreciated.





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