[Chameleon] Saving context/map between page loads

Ken Sanderson ken at rockies.ca
Tue Oct 19 20:02:45 EDT 2004

Is there any built in Chameleon functions for saving and reloading a
context or map object between page loads?

Here is what I am doing. I get the XML of a context document sent to me,
I save it to a file, load the context into a map object, delete the
file. I then want to display a list of the layers to the user, allow
them to click the layers they want to load to their current map, then
load just those layers into the existing map object.

I know how to do all those parts, just not sure what the best way is for
me to keep my map object, that holds the context layers, alive between
the page loads? I was thinking I would maybe not delete the context file
and pass the name in a hidden input and reopen/load it into a new map
object after the user selects the layers they want, but wasn't sure if
that was the most efficient way of going about it? Would the chameleon
functions of saving and restoring state work?

Thanks for any ideas.


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