[Chameleon] Saving context/map between page loads

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Oct 20 07:54:59 EDT 2004

Ken, without putting a lot of thought into this, I would say your best 
bet would be to just pass the context name between pages (or in a 
session variable).  Anything else would require quite a bit of overhead 
I think.



Ken Sanderson wrote:
> Is there any built in Chameleon functions for saving and reloading a
> context or map object between page loads?
> Here is what I am doing. I get the XML of a context document sent to me,
> I save it to a file, load the context into a map object, delete the
> file. I then want to display a list of the layers to the user, allow
> them to click the layers they want to load to their current map, then
> load just those layers into the existing map object.
> I know how to do all those parts, just not sure what the best way is for
> me to keep my map object, that holds the context layers, alive between
> the page loads? I was thinking I would maybe not delete the context file
> and pass the name in a hidden input and reopen/load it into a new map
> object after the user selects the layers they want, but wasn't sure if
> that was the most efficient way of going about it? Would the chameleon
> functions of saving and restoring state work?
> Thanks for any ideas.
> Ken
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