[Chameleon] Passing Session Parameters

Mike Leahy mgleahy at fes.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Oct 19 23:39:21 EDT 2004

Hello list,

I have just now been able to get a chameleon application to use the same user-
based sessions as the rest of the website I'm developing.  This revealed a new 
problem, however. I've found that if I open a chameleon application with a 
session that already exists (using the same session structure that Chameleon 
uses) the CWCInitialize() function in chameleon.php does not get called.  This 
is because chameleon only does this if there is no SID set in the 
moHttpFormVars object, the variable mbSessionOK is false(because the session 
is actually valid now), or if the $_SESSION['gszMapName'] is previously set 
and different from $szMapFile.  I've worked around this by setting $_SESSION
["gszMapName"] equal to an empty string just after a user's session is 
created, before sending the browser to the chameleon application - this then 
satisfies the last condition so that CWCInitialize will be executed.

A second (and less important) problem: in session.php, I was having a anissue 
with the parameters for the initializeSession function; the third parameter 
(the session ID) is not actually used if an sid appears in the _GET or _POST 
globals.  This is not a bit problem in itself, but it prevents the use of a 
different session-id than the one initially supplied in the URL (e.g., at the 
time a user logs in with the site I'm working on, the SID gets changed).  I 
got around this by setting the 'sid' variable to the desired name in both _GET 
and _POST globals before running initializeSession.

Maybe I'm doing all this in a very roundabout way, but once I figured it out, 
the workarounds were fairly simple and I'm now able to move ahead with the 
development of my own chameleon applications.  If anyone has ideas for a 
simpler or better way to get around these little problems, I'd be interested 
in any suggestions.


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