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Jason Fournier jfournier at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Sep 10 10:07:04 EDT 2004

You could try the following:

In your index.phtml (after you initialize oApp) put:

if( isset( $_POST['childWin'] ) && strlen( $_POST['childWin'] ) > 0 )
     $oApp->setVar( 'childWin', strtolower( $_POST['childWin'] ) );

In your template form put:

<input type="hidden" name="childWin" value="[$szChildWin|NULL$]">

In your javascript function include (forms[0] assumes you only have one 
form in the template):

if( document.forms[0].childWin.value != "NULL" )
     // the window has been opened prior to submit so get a handle on it
     // reference it by name
     //open the window
     wh = window.open.......
     // set the hidden var
     document.forms[0].childWin.value = wh;


You'll have to update your TemplateParser.php script from cvs for the 
preprocessing to work properly.

This is untested code ;)


Tweedy, Scott wrote:

> Thanks to Paul and Jason for your answers they work.  Now I have another
> question.
> It seems that the window I open is tied to the main window (that's where I
> had to declare the variable myWh to make this work).  Once any operation is
> performed on the map (Zoom in, Apply points to map, etc) and the main page
> refreshes I lose the variable myWh and the application window starts again.
> Is there any way around this behaviour?  Is there any way of passing the
> variable myWh (the child window) in a form to the newly refreshed page?
> Thanks again,
> st
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>>I have an application written in Chameleon.  When a button in the main
>>application is clicked it opens a child popup window which contains most
>>of the code for the application.  If the user  minimizes the child window
>>and clicks on the main button again the child window is reinitialized and
>>the user has to start from scratch.
>>Is there a way to test to see if the child window is already open when the
>>user clicks on the main button and to simply shift focus to that window if
>>it is and to reinitialize it if the window isn't open?
>>Thanks in advance,
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