[Chameleon] Creating my own Widget

Godwin, Elizabeth Godwinl at AGR.GC.CA
Fri Sep 10 13:14:26 EDT 2004


I discovered when customizing a query widget myself that if using the
query widget and also the customized widget that whichever is drawn on
the page last is the one that works.

Try isolating only your custom hotlink tool and get it working, then
once that is ok, you'll have to do more to the widget code to get them
co-existing.  the NAV_CMD should be changed, as well as the javascript
functions that are written out and the hidden variables.  The javascript
names and form field names cannot be the same as other's on the page.

Using Firefox is a good tool as Ken-ichi mentioned.  Both for errors and
form details and also for checking source of the HTML page after it
comes out.  if that custom template isn't written out into javascript,
you can be sure that it won't pop up.

Keep us posted.


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Hello all,

I am trying to create my own widget and I am running into some problems.
am trying to create a hotlink widget which will work similar to identify
will open a webpage when the location on the map is clicked.  I plan to
this by copying and modifying the query widget.

I started by simply copying the query widget and renaming it.  I wanted
check that it still worked once the name has been changed.  It doesn't!
far, I changed the folder name to Hotlink, I have changed
to HotlinkResults.phtml and Query.widget.php to Hotlink.widget.php.  I
also changed in Hotlink.widget.php the class and constructor names from 
Query to Hotlink (as per instructions in an old thread I found in the 
chameleon archives).

When I click on my hotlink button the map redraws and nothing happens.
If I 
click the same point with my identify/query button I get a popup window
the query results.  Since I haven't changed any of the actual
yet, both buttons should produce the same results.

Are there other places where I have to change/add to files so that my
widget will be recognized?  In an older message someone mentioned
the MapDHTMLWidget.widget.php but I couldn't tell where it should be
(I did a text search for query).

Any help would be appreciated.


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