[Chameleon] SECTpopup?

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Mon Sep 13 22:26:28 EDT 2004

Ken, this is an experimental widget that requires an external component, 
Studio, to work.

It does work, at least on my system :) but we are not ready yet to 
distribute Studio as a generally supported product so you'll have to wait.

Re the LayerManager ... I am generally against putting too much 
functionality into a single widget.  I prefer to provide lots of more 
focussed tools that can be combined in interesting ways to solve 
particular problems.  So you probably won't see any more functionality 
being added to the LayerManager.



Ken-ichi wrote:

> I noticed this interesting little "Style Layers" button on one of the 
> sample pages, but it doesn't work.  It pops up a window that looks for 
> studio/index.phtml, but fails.  I can find this file anywhere in the 
> default installation.  The widget is called SECTpopup, and Google says 
> there's been scant talk about it.  Can anyone tell me if it's 
> functional, and if so, how to get it functioning?
> Also, are there any plans for integrating this and the LayerManager 
> functionality into the Legend widget?  Seems like they belong there, as 
> optional components at least.
> -Ken-ichi
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