[Chameleon] browser auto-refresh?

Godwin, Elizabeth Godwinl at AGR.GC.CA
Mon Sep 27 14:38:54 EDT 2004

Hi there,
I've noticed an odd phenomenon while working with Chameleon.  It seems
that in all mozilla variants, the application will refresh itself when
you change the window in some way.  Now..  my first thought was the code
added to the samples template I've based my app on that included code
telling Netscape browsers to reload when there was a resize.  EXCEPT
that I've removed this code.  
I went poking and found instances of this code in a couple js files.
My question is, is it necessary for all mozilla browsers to do this
reloading?  I thought it was only for version 4 browsers.  
It's not usually an issue, but I came across the behaviour while testing
in Firefox, having multiple versions of the app open.  If I resize after
I've submitted a request, I get POST-ing error messages and such.  
Liz Godwin
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