[Chameleon] Projection Issues with WMS layers

Ken Sanderson ken at rockies.ca
Tue Sep 28 15:24:45 EDT 2004

I have a MAP setup with a custom projection, its an lambert equal area
azimuth. From my understanding, limited as it is, I needed to setup a
WMS_SRS metadata object in the web object for things like 'download
context' or other things that wont understand my custom projection. So I
set it up with EPSG:4269.

So anyways, the projection works fine internally. If I add shp file
layers of different projections they line up appropriately, however when
I add WMS layers, via the WMS Browser, they are not positioned properly,
well least not at full extent. If I start off viewing all of canada the
WMS layers (also for all of Canada) get squished to the top of the map.
However the more I zoom into my map, the closer they get to their proper
position until the features are where they should be.

Anyone have an idea on whats going on?



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