[Chameleon] [UNCLASSIFIED] QuickZoom and SQLQuery widget integration

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Dec 5 10:42:47 EST 2005


If you want to build your own widget, here's some hints to help you. 
There's a lot of way to acheive that. This one is to build a widget that 
derive from the SQLQuery widget to take advantage of the functionalities 
already available in this one.

- Build a widget that derive from QuickZoom. Include the QuickZoom file, 
but also the SQLQuery one.

- Add a member variable called moSQLQuery.

- In the Constructor, add a variable that will contains a SQLQuery 
widget ($this->moSQLQuery = new SQLQuery();). Don't forget (like in all 
other function) to call the parent function too!

- In InitDefault, set the all the SQLQuery member vairables and after 
call the SQLQuery InitDefault:
$this->moSQLQuery->mszUserName ='user';

- In the ParseURL, begin by calling the SQLQuery ParseURL. From now, you 
will have access to the results of your SQL query via a SharedResource 
(See SQLQuery widget code for more details). So now you need to hack the 
widget contents to make the original QuickZoom work.

$this->moSQLQuery->mszSharedResourceName ] as $aMySQLResult)
     // Check how the QuickZoom
     // $this->maszContents["VIEW"] is built and
     // build the same thing from the $aMySQLResult array.
     $this->maszContents["VIEW"] = array(...);

Then call the parent ParseURL.


Dale.Young at brs.gov.au wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have extent information for 100+ regions stored in a MySQL 
> database and would like to implement it in something along the lines of 
> the QuickZoom widget without of having to hard-code.
> I am a new user of Chameleon, and after reading the doco for Widget 
> creation and the JSAPI am a little unsure as to the development path to 
> take.  
> Wondering if anyone might be able to advise?
> Regards
> Dale
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