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the reason why you are not seeing anything in the session is that the  
session is not started automagically.  You need to include  
session.inc.php (see the BoundingBoxPopup widget for an example).

Note that you need to pass the session id to your script as well.   
You can echo SID at the php level or access a form variable called  
SID (or is it sid?) in javascript to create an appropriate link.

Note that being new to php may make this a bit painful :)


On 5-Dec-05, at 3:25 PM, Sears, Jeremy wrote:

> Hi All,
> 	This is a simplified question relating to one I asked last week ....
> Im running ms4w with Chameleon on win server2003. I'm quite new to  
> chameleon
> and php.
> Im attempting to add some custom code that that will allow a client to
> download a pdf doc of a custom map based on the client's current  
> map view.
> I'm aware of the existence of the 'printproduction' widget, however  
> being
> relatively new to php I'm having a hard time customizing it to my
> requirements. So.. I'm approaching this task from 'square one'. I have
> included a hyperlink in 'tools_basic.html' to a file called  
> 'testing.php'.
> As the name implies this is a test script that Im attempting to  
> populate
> with useful bits of code.
> My question, how can I get 'testing.php' to show me what variables  
> chameleon
> is using to interact with Mapserver? Currently I have:
> <?php
> print_r ($_SESSION);
> ?>
> However this reports nothing.
> Any suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated.
> Best Regards
> Jeremy
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