[Chameleon] widget question...

Sears, Jeremy Jeremy.Sears at CCRS.NRCan.gc.ca
Mon Dec 5 15:25:47 EST 2005

Hi All,
	This is a simplified question relating to one I asked last week ....

Im running ms4w with Chameleon on win server2003. I'm quite new to chameleon
and php.
Im attempting to add some custom code that that will allow a client to
download a pdf doc of a custom map based on the client's current map view.
I'm aware of the existence of the 'printproduction' widget, however being
relatively new to php I'm having a hard time customizing it to my
requirements. So.. I'm approaching this task from 'square one'. I have
included a hyperlink in 'tools_basic.html' to a file called 'testing.php'.
As the name implies this is a test script that Im attempting to populate
with useful bits of code.

My question, how can I get 'testing.php' to show me what variables chameleon
is using to interact with Mapserver? Currently I have:

print_r ($_SESSION);

However this reports nothing.

Any suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards

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