[Chameleon] Segmentation fault

Johansen Per Henrik phj at cowi.no
Wed Dec 7 06:51:07 EST 2005

I am experiencing some segmentation faults when using Chameleon, and I
am unable to find out what causes it.
What happens is that Chameleon (and underlying components) seem to work
well, but suddenly for no apparent reason stops to work (segfaults). I
have found no pattern as to why this happens, but it seem it occurs when
the map is produced. I have experimented with turning on/off layers, and
sometime turning off a layer fixes the problem, but when I perform a new
zoom/pan it segfaults again. It seems to be a combination of which layer
that is drawn for a given extent that breaks it. Other than that I have
no clue. I expect there is some bad libriaries, either mapscript or php
that is the cause, but I do not know how to track down which one.
I have enabled logging in drawmap.php and gives the following ouput:
[Wed.Dec.07.2005.9:16:19] MapSession_RW : setTempDir() starting
[Wed.Dec.07.2005.9:16:19] MapSession_RW : setTempDir() done
[Wed.Dec.07.2005.9:16:19] MapSession_RW : restoreState() starting
[Wed.Dec.07.2005.9:16:19]   MapSession_RW : readMapFile() starting
[Wed.Dec.07.2005.9:16:19]     MapSession_RW : readMapFile - Open map
file[/tmp/sess_439692565fe0b/1133943378-6988.map] was successful
[Wed.Dec.07.2005.9:16:19]   MapSession_RW : readMapFile() done
[Wed.Dec.07.2005.9:16:19]   MapSession_RW : restoreState - successful
for ID [1133943378-6988].
[Wed.Dec.07.2005.9:16:19] MapSession_RW : restoreState() done

Is there any other way to find out where Chameleon (Mapscript) actually
segfaults, as this information does not say much?
I am using php 4.3.4 og MapServer/Mapscript 4.4.2, I am not sure which
Chameleon version, but seem to be dated 14.06.2005
I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.
Per Henrik Johansen
Systems Developer
Work: + 47 69 39 48 05 Mob: + 47 950 71 822
Web: <http://www.cowi.com/ <blocked::http://www.cowi.com/> >
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