[Chameleon] Show wait image on form submit

Berend Veldkamp berend.veldkamp at aris.nl
Wed Dec 14 09:40:23 EST 2005


With the current Chameleon implementation, the wait image is shown when 
the page loads. The problem is that it takes a few seconds between a 
user action (for example, dragging a zoombox) and the new page starting 
to load, this confuses some users.

For testing purposes, I added "CWCDHTML_ShowLayer('ActivityLayer');" 
before a form.submit() call, and this works pretty well. The problem is 
that submit() is called at many places, so I'd have to change a lot of 
code, and it would make the application harder to maintain.
BTW the form.onsubmit event is not fired when submit() is called from 
code, so that's no solution.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?



Berend Veldkamp - ARIS

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