[Chameleon] App works fine in firefox, will not open in IE

Jennifer Shanks jennifer at greeninfo.org
Wed Dec 14 16:41:42 EST 2005


I'm new to Chameleon and have been customizing the basic sample 
template and am using JSAPI.  So far, I've been working in Firefox 
and everything works perfectly.  Today I tried to open the 
application in IE and it starts to load, but then aborts just before 
the map image is loaded.  The legend comes up fine with the correct 
layers and symbolization.  The tools also load fine.  The message I 
get from the debugger is "Line: 87, Char: 5, Error: 'null' is null or 
not an object."  After that, I get an alert from IE that says, 
"internet explorer cannot open the internet site, operation aborted."

Any ideas of where to start in order to figure out the problem?  I 
must have messed something up in the customizations I added, because 
the sample jsapi applications open fine in IE.

Thanks for your help,

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