[Chameleon] Installing Chameleon on FC4

Mike Leahy mgleahy at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Dec 15 22:18:25 EST 2005

Hello again,

I think I'm getting to the bottom of this...sort-of.  At least, I think 
I know where the problem is occurring.  In the chameleon class 
(chameleon.php), the HttpFormVars objects is created to store whatever 
get/post parameters are passed to the page.  It works fine in the 
constructor function, and I can execute 
"$this->moHttpFormVars->isVarSet('SID')", which returns false (as it 
should on a fresh load with no session id).  In the initial sample 
script, I can also access $oApp->moHttpFormVars from the initial 
application script (e.g., sample_enhanced.phtml).  However, when the 
CWCInitialize(), $this->moHttpFormVars->isVarSet on line 447 claims to 
be a non-object.

I'm guessing this is a problem with my PHP configuration (as that was 
the source of my 'blank screen' installation problems on windows), and 
I'm wondering if maybe Chameleon has issues running in PHP 5.  What's 
more, whenever I run chameleon twice, all of the scripts that deal with 
the Chameleon object (i.e. $oApp) stop working until I edit the php 
files again...restarting the server and/or the browser doesn't seem to 
make anything reload again, only changing the content of the php 
scripts.  Has anyone had this sort of experience with Chameleon, or 
maybe just PHP in general?


However, in the CWCInitialize() function,
Mike Leahy wrote:
> Hello again,
> I'm not sure whether this adds any insight into this problem, but if I 
> try to load the Chameleon admin page, I get yet another blank page, and 
> the following error logged in the httpd error_log file:
> [23389] MMCACHE can't restore parent class "logger" of class "AppContext"
> [Thu Dec 15 18:43:36 2005] [notice] child pid 23389 exit signal 
> Segmentation fault (11)
> Anyone have some ideas?
> Mike
> Mike Leahy wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I'm trying to see if I can get our applications running in a Linux
>> environment.  I've got everything setup on FC4, with apache 2.0.54, PHP
>> 5.0.4, MapServer 4.8.0-beta2, PHP/MapScript (this module loads fine
>> in-line in PHP using dl function, but fails if included in the PHP
>> startup - has anyone else had a similar problem?).
>> Here's the result of ms_GetVersion() after I dl() the mapscript module
>> in a PHP test script:
>> MapServer version 4.8.0-beta2 OUTPUT=GIF OUTPUT=PNG OUTPUT=JPEG
>> I've most recently tried setting up chameleon, and I'm fairly sure I've
>> got the chameleon.xml and cwc2.xml configuration files setup properly,
>> but I'm getting a blank page when I try to load one of the Chameleon
>> samples.  I know the sample mapfile "chameleon.map" works fine, as I can
>> load it directly though the mapserver cgi-bin executable as a WMS.  I
>> also have been able to determine that the startup sample scripts end
>> when the $oApp->CWCInitialize() function is executed. In the httpd
>> error_log file, the only notice of a problem I get is as follows:
>> [client] PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
>> in /var/www/chameleon/htdocs/common/appcontext/appcontext.php on line 276
>> the corresponding code in appcontext.php is:
>> foreach ($this->aoContext as $oContext)
>> {
>>   $result = $oContext->getContextValue( $szParam );
>>   if ($result !== false)
>>   break;
>> }
>> I've had similar 'blank page' issues when installing Chameleon in
>> windows.  I've also noticed many other users run into this, and it
>> usually relates to some configuration issue.  However, I'm at a bit of a
>> loss with this in my FC4 configuration.  Has anyone got a clue what
>> settings/requirements in PHP, Apache, or Chameleon that I have 
>> overlooked?
>> As an aside, does anyone know why this error doesn't get reported to the
>> page in the browser?  If I put an intentional syntax error, it appears
>> as normal in the browser...
>> Thanks in advance for any help,
>> Mike
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