[Chameleon] Strange layer behavior

Jacob Delfos jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Mon Jun 6 05:13:01 EDT 2005


The only thing I know that can cause a layer to disappear while zooming 
is maxscale/minscale. But you did not have that defined, nor in any of 
the layers of its group.
The only instance where I had this happen to me, was where a shapefile 
had corrupt topology (polygon file with unclosed polygons), which would 
disappear when zooming in. It may be worth rebuilding your shapefile, or 
checking its topology (as far as there is topology for points....). 
There should be some free tools out there that can do it.



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I posted this problem earlier, Edith did propose me a
it didn't work....so I am back in the problem....I have a few point
payers in
my application...and one layer has strange behavior..meaning .whenI zoom
more that 1:100000 the layer appear checked in  the legend but i don't
see the
point in my map..thoughh i tha sam area I have other point layers wich
behaving normal.....i still cannot figure what ius happenning

that layer is "Mine waste 2004"
and this is my map file:

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