[Chameleon] hi. Problem with Chameleon 2.2b1 installation

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Jun 6 16:42:33 EDT 2005


If you have difficulty to install, you might consider using FGS. It's an 
auto-installer for linux:

There's a Chameleon package that should work out of the box. I know that 
there's some debian users who use it. So it should work for you.

For your specific problem.
This is probably related to a configuration issue. Are you sure that all 
your path and URL in chameleon.xml are correct?

Here I refer to your drawmap.php URL 
chamaleon?!? or is it a copy paste error?

Other than that, you will probably have to check in the apache log to 
see if there's any message that comes out.


PS: The multiple slash issue is due to automagically generated path and 
URL. I think they should not be an issue.

On 06/03/2005 04:56 PM, Fabio Zottele wrote:
> Hi. I am Fabio Zottele.
> I'm quite a rookie into Chameleon and I have lots of problems.
> First of all: I use Chameleon 2.2b1 with Mapserver 4.4.1, php 4.3.10, 
> apache2.0.53 on a Linux Debian Sarge.
> I did everything written in the Installation guide...
> I did "alias" and when I am using the browser the files that appear are 
> in the right correspondence with the path.
> But, when I try to display test.html in my http://localhost/chameleon/ 
> no images are displayed!
> And so with demo.html.
> If I try:
> http://localhost/chameleon/samples/sample_basic_plainbuttons.phtml
> only buttons are shown. There are no imagemap and keymap.png!
> If i right-click a VISIBLE BUTTON the result is: 
> http://localhost/chameleon/samples///skins/sample/buttons/button_zoomin_1.png 
> If I right click the reference map (INVISIBLE) the result is 
> http://localhost/chamaleon//common//wrapper/drawmap.php?map_session_mode=1&REQUEST=KEYMAP&sid=42a0c178a37cc 
> why there is /// between samples and skin referring to:  
> /opt/gis/chameleon/samples/htdocs/skins/sample/buttons/button_zoomin_1.png
> and only two // between common and wrapper referring to : 
> /opt/gis/chameleon/htdocs/common/wrapper/drawmap.php  (why two // 
> between common and wrapper?) ?
> Please, help!
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