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Bart van den Eijnden BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.NL
Fri Jun 24 02:22:27 EDT 2005


I think the way this is done is by checking in your widget code if the JSAPI sharedresource is loaded. If this is not the case and your widget depends on it, you could raise an error or echo something so the application developer would see and could correct the problem.

        if (isset($this->maSharedResourceWidgets["CWCJSAPI"]))
          $bCWCJSAPI = 1;
          $bCWCJSAPI = 0; 

Btw a lot of widgets have a JSAPI mode of operation and a normal mode of operation.

Hope this helps.

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>>> Abe Gillespie <abe.gillespie at gmail.com> 06/23/05 10:42pm >>>
I'm just getting into using / developing-for Chameleon; forgive my
ignorance.  What's the best way to create a dependency of one widget
on another.  Specifically, how can I ensure the cwcjsapi widget is
loaded since a custom widget I'm writing depends on it.


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